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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wash Those Hands

Hand washing is the number one way to prevent the spread of disease.

  • Wash before eating and cooking
  • Wash after touching animals
  • Wash after using the bathroom
  • Wash after blowing your nose, coughing, & sneezing
  • Use warm water
  • Use soap and lather for 10-15 seconds or sing the ABC song! 
  • Use colorful soap made for kids – some even come in fun shapes and scents!
  • Make sure to get in between your fingers, under fingernails, and around the wrists.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Student Council Elections

Our students in grades 3rd -6th voted in an election on Tuesday, September 13 to select our Student Council officers. Students in grades fifth, and sixth listened to each candidate's speech in the MPR before voting. Third and fourth grade students watched the event through a live video feed back in their classrooms or a recording at a later time. We are pleased to announce that Jayden Cabar was elected President, Lucia Friedberg was elected Vice President, Elise Sullivan was elected Secretary, and Emma Amakasu was elected Webmaster. These four students along with classroom representatives will participate in our monthly Mustang Round-Up Flag Assemblies, Student Recognition Assemblies, plan and organize spirit days, make school wide announcements, provide leadership throughout the school, and organize and participate in other activities as needed.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Instructional Assistants

In response to large class sizes, our IUSD School Board has allocated monies donated to the district by the City of Irvine and IPSF to be used for instructional support in all grades. As a result of this extra instructional support, we have highly trained instructional assistants in every grade. Additionally, there are other instructional assistants at Woodbury that teach and support our students receiving special education services and those that are learning English. These positions are provided through other funding mechanisms. It is important to note that many of our instructional assistants are credentialed teachers. All of our instructional assistants provide instruction alongside our regular classroom teachers primarily in the areas of language arts and math. Please take time to thank these instructional assistants for their help and welcome those who are new to our school.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Lunch Time Activities

Our PTA provides a program called Lunch Time Activities (LTA) ) in cooperation with the City of Irvine Parks & Recreation Department. LTA offers structured games and activities for students in grades 1-6 two days a week during lunch time. The program has been well received by our students and has been a rousing success. If you see a LTA leader, identifiable by their green Parks & Recreation shirt, please take time to thank them for their involvement with our school. In addition to LTA, they offer numerous recreation opportunities for children and families at Woodbury Community Center.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Parent Conferences

By now, parents should have a goal setting parent conference scheduled. Conferences are a wonderful opportunity to establish clear, meaningful home/school communications. All children learn in different ways. Each has his/her own unique personality, interests, likes, hopes, dreams, and fears. To aid their students in acquiring new skills and knowledge, teachers need to be aware of each child’s special interests, concerns, and learning style. No one knows a child better than his/her parents. Teachers have valuable information about how your child works in a group setting, and how well he/she is mastering grade level standards and skills. The parent conference is a great way to encourage two-way communication. Conferences are meant to facilitate parent involvement in students learning. At Woodbury, we believe students whose families are directly involved in their learning do better in school. Research supports this belief. A 1994 compilation of research entitled, “The Family is Critical to Student Achievement” edited by Henderson and Berla states:

“….. the evidence is now beyond dispute. The most accurate predictor of a student’s achievement in school is not income or social status, but the extent to which that student’s family is able to:
  • Create a home environment that encourages learning.
  • Express high (but not unrealistic) expectations for their children’s achievement and future careers.
  • Become involved in their children’s education at school and in the community.”
This year’s fall parent conferences will be held August 26th through September 2nd. In collaboration with you, teachers will be setting goals for your child’s learning. In addition, you will receive a report of your child’s progress, but no report card. The first trimester report card will be sent home in November following the end of the first trimester.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

An Update Regarding State Test Scores

This past spring, students took part in the 2016 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). CAASPP consists of computerized Smarter Balanced assessments in English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics for students in grades 3-8 and 11, as well as paper-pencil science assessments for students in grades 5, 8, and 10. In the next few weeks, your child’s CAASPP score report will be mailed to your home. When looking at these reports it is important to keep in mind that these scores should be considered as just one of many measures of student learning. Remember, your child’s teacher is always your best resource when it comes to information regarding your child’s academic progress. For more information about statewide testing in IUSD, please visit the IUSD Statewide Testing Website.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Woodbury Parent Outreach Coordinators

Woodbury is excited to announce we have created a staff position designed to meet the needs of our culturally and linguistically diverse student and parent population. Mrs. Teresa Yau and Ms. Jessica Mossbarger will serve as our Parent Outreach Coordinators. The purpose of our Parent Outreach Coordinators is to Connect, Communicate, Acculturate, and Educate (CCAE) the students and parents who are new to Woodbury Elementary.

Specifically, the intent is to:
  • create awareness about parent resources among teachers, parents, and Woodbury community. 
  • establish home-school connections for parents.
  • create cultural awareness and appreciation among all students and their families.
  • serve as a liaison between Woodbury and IUSD's Language Development Program.
  • provide parent outreach and engagement.
  • involve parents in both Woodbury and IUSD activities and resources. Examples- Woodbury PTA, volunteering, support at home, IPSF, etc.
  • design and provide Woodbury parent workshops that address a variety of topics and needs.
  • support teachers with resources for students and parents.
  • identify and develop leadership within cultural and linguistic groups.
It is our goal that this endeavor will make it easier for families to transition into our school and community. If you have any questions, ideas, or would like to be involved in these efforts, please contact Mrs. Yau at or Ms. Mossbarger at You may also reach them by calling 936-5750.